The Fretwire Bracelet is stylish and wearable by anyone. It says many things … I'm a lover of music … I love music fashion  … I'm a musician … music is my life! Some people love the bracelet for it's sleek attractive look (the Fretwire Bracelet never tarnishes or fades because of its nickel/silver composition) others like it for its connection to music. The Fretwire Bracelet is a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that looks stylish on both men and women. Whether just for its looks or as a statement to your love for music, the Fretwire Bracelet is an affordable, unique piece of jewelry you'll enjoy wearing for many years to come.


The Fretwire Bracelet is made from genuine nickel/silver guitar fret wire, used on a guitar’s finger board. When used on a guitar, the fretwire is bent to the proper radius then pressed into the finger board of the guitar neck. When playing a guitar the strings are pressed against the frets to make different chords.

Over time, wear and tear on the frets is inevitable requiring some guitars to need fret replacement or what's called a fret dressing or a fret job. This entails removing the worn frets and replacing them with new fret wire, which is filed to meet the correct heights of the worn yet good existing frets.

$1.50 of each bracelet sale will be donated to cancer research.

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